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42" frame, cushion AND shipping - only $210.00  $210.00 

This is our newly designed 42" diameter single papasan frame. The total price of $210.00 includes the frame, tufted cushion in any of our standard fabrics AND includes shipping within continental US.

This is the only sized papasan frame which can be shipped via UPS/Fedex without incurring additional carrier costs (normally $100 for 46" single papasan, double papasan or swivel rocker frames).

The most common sized papasan frame available in the US is 46" in diameter (being the distance directly across the dish without allowing for the depth/curvature of the dish). However this 42" frame has been made only 4 inches smaller so that it can be shipped via either UPS or Fedex, thus avoiding additional shipping costs, whilst maintaining superior comfort.

The dish in which you sit in on the rattan papasan chair is seperate from the base, thus allowing the dish to be tilted to any angle. This is a very comfortable chair.

All frames come with our guarantee of product excellence, and don't forget to have a look at our customers testimonial page.

The cushion for the 42" papasan frame is only available in the tufted style from our Standard range of fabrics.

About our Tufted Single Papasan cushions

The Tufted papasan cushion has 21 circle tufts to give the cushion the tufted/dimpled look. Cushion measures 46 inches in diameter, and are designed to fit the 42" single papasan frame.

Tufted papasan cushions are only available in fabrics from our Standard range.

The filling inside your papasan cushion is compression resistent polyester. It is light weight, and an excellent product for papasan cushions.

Our papasan cushions are reversible ie. can be turned over.

Price includes the 42" frame and cushion being delivered to you with either UPS or FedEx, within continental USA. We e-mail you with tracking details once items are dispatched - within 15 working days of receiving your order.

Note that we also offer the 46" single papasan frame, as detailed on single papasan frames.

Available Options:

Footstool CUSHION - Deluxe
Footstool CUSHION - Deluxe
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