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Double papasan cushion COVER (unfilled)  $80.00 

Double Papasan cushion cover - (unfilled 58" x 79"). All prices include shipping within USA.

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We have two categories of fabrics, the Standard Range (being $80.00 including delivery per unfilled double papasan cushion cover) and our Premium Range, with our Premium range costing $30.00 or $70.00 per papasan cushion cover extra (note premium duck and twill are $30.00 extra, whilst denim and suede are $70.00 more than the quoted price on this page).

Cover has an extra wide zipper so that it slips over your existing papasan cushion (like a pillow slip). It can easily be removed for cleaning. The unfilled double papasan cushion cover measures approximately 58" x 79". All covers are dispatched within 15 working days.


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