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Double papasan (mamasan) CUSHION - deluxe style  $149.00 

Double Papasan cushion (polyester filling - 49 x 70", fits 46x64" double papasan frame). All prices include shipping.

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Papasans Unlimited offers two types of double papasan cushions (also known as mamasan cushions). There is the Deluxe style as detailed on this page, and the Tufted style.

In addition, we have two categories of fabrics available for our Deluxe styles of papasan cushions. The Standard Range and Premium Range, with our Premium range costing more  than the price displayed on this page.

We have a great selection of Fabrics. Should wish to provide your own fabric or are seeking a specific fabric which we do not have displayed then view our alternative fabric options.

Things you should know about our Deluxe Double Papasan cushions

Double papasan cushions feel really good when filled to at least 10 inches thick, which means that you wont feel the rattan papasan frame beneath the cushion. Because we place only 10 covered matching buttons in the double papasan cushions, the papasan cushion has extra filling inside to achieve at least 10 inches in thickness.

Our cushions are oversized, ie. they measure at least 49 x 70 inches when fully stuffed and laid out flat. This size perfectly fits the standard 46x65 inch mamasan frame (this is the measurement of the papasan dish frame directly across, without allowing for the curvature/depth of the dish). These papasan cushions are large enough to cover the edge of the dish, making them even more comfortable and inviting.

Some fabrics may require an additional seam across the face of your cushion - we indicate which fabrics these are on the relevant fabric category. Please note that any additional seam is barely noticeable, as the seam is placed along a row of buttons, where the cushion naturally creases once it is in the chair.

The filling inside your papasan cushion is compression resistent polyester. It is light weight, and an excellent product for papasan cushions.

Our papasan cushions are reversible ie. can be turned over, and if you purchase from the deluxe range of cushions, then you can also purchase velcro tags - which are listed separately on our products page. These tags can easily be taken off and placed on the other side of the cushion - by looping the tags over the buttons. They are very useful because they secure your papasan cushion to the frame.

Price includes the papasan cushion being fully stuffed and delivered to you with either UPS or FedEx, within continental USA. We e-mail you with tracking details once items are dispatched - within  15 working days of receiving your order.

Be sure to check out why our papasan cushions are so great and what our customers are saying about our products and service.


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